Frequently Asked Questions About Online Store Builders

The innovation of online store builder is the best thing that ever happened to prospective and startup e-commerce owners. They no longer have to fork out a ton of money to be able to create online stores. Unique platforms exist out there that offers them with a wide range of features and templates to build out beautiful and professional e-commerce websites for selling products online. This column talks about the frequently asked questions about online store builders:

Why should I opt for an online store builder over a custom design website when looking to build my e-commerce store?

Both online store builders and customer design websites have their advantages and disadvantages. So choosing one over the other really depends on your circumstances and requirements. For starters, online website builders give you the opportunity to build up your online store yourself at the lowest cost possible. This advantage makes online store builders highly adapted to startup online store owners, as they usually don’t have the money yet to hire an expert web developer to build out an e-commerce store for them. On the flip side, custom design websites cost an arm and leg, but they offer you a whole lot of flexibility, including advanced features. Custom design websites are adapted to online stores that are receiving tons of customers and making a lot of sales or those store owners who want to take their business to the next level.

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Can you point out explicitly the design options available via online store builders?

One of the common concerns potential online store owners have about utilizing online store builders is the limitation of the web design options and the fact that they are highly clichéd. While this may be true for a few online store builders, the modern ones are powerful enough and offer a huge range of professional-looking web designs to pick out from, as well as scintillating web templates that offer you the flexibility to customize your e-commerce store according to your taste in terms of color, layout and overall design.

Can you create highly responsible e-commerce store using online store builder?

A few years ago, online store builders offered basic features that would not help you regarding selling products online. Today, even free online store builders are able to create responsive e-commerce stores and include all features required for the modern day market. E-commerce stores created using online store builders are highly responsive, and they come already customized for mobile devices. However, you need to do your due diligence when picking out an online store builder to create your e-commerce store. Many providers out there offer mobile responsive online store builders, and it can be challenging to find the best. Just make sure you source from the right provider and make a point to test the mobile responsiveness of the builder before paying anything.

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Can you name some other features your e-commerce store will get by using online store builder to create my e-commerce store?

Some of the best online store builders on the market today integrate features such as social media sharing buttons, contact information, polls and surveys, RSS, booking and reservation widgets, customer support, live chat, audio and video integration and so on.

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