Selling photos is incredibly tough because of various reasons. One of these is the internet; with the internet people have started to get easy access to millions of pictures which makes it easy for them to use them and feel like they do not need permission or to pay for these images. There are certain things you can do to safeguard yourself from picture theft and hence successfully set up your business online.

Here are a few tips which might help you in the long run:

  1. Watermark

Selling products online is hard enough but if you’re selling pictures online then it is even tougher. This is because people can easily save your pictures and use them for whatever purposes. There is however, an easy way to discourage people from stealing your images; using a watermark for you or your business’ name. Water mark should be opaque and all throughout the image since this stops image theft the best. People get discouraged from using your image since it has a watermark all over it. However if someone pays for your pictures, you can send them the original shot without the watermark.

  1. Social Media

There are multiple websites which are mainly for photo blogging. Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are three very popular websites for photographers to use. Use these websites to develop big following for yourself. Once you have a lot of fans sharing your work and admiring it, you will see that people will also want to buy your art. Make sure you integrate and link your online store to your profiles. If you don’t have an online store then create online store so that you can market products online on your social media.

  1. Easy to Find

You need to ensure that your website and portfolio are all easy to find online. Thus ensure you use keywords which your target population uses. You can find out popular keywords very easily from various sources and just need to ensure that those words are used in the copy for your website. You can sell digital copies of your pictures or even physical copies of them on your website. It depends on your client what they prefer. If your website is easy to find especially for the market which will appreciate your art, you will be more successful in your selling products online.